Not enough sleep.

Auditions went well. Tomorrow should be good.

Went to Sonny's afterwards, then prod. team meeting.

I didn't feel well, so I didn't go to B&B auditions. So I'm hoping to go tomorrow. If I have time after auditions and prod. meeting.

I guess I'm crashing at the 'rents' since that's where I am right now.

*Sigh* So tired. I think I'm out y'all.


I'm so tired. During my break in classes, mum picked me up. We got coffee, food, got one of my textbooks, and hit a store. Then she dropped me off, I made copies of some music for someone (I love the UF music library) and then class. Then work. Then shopping. I got patterns of faireish stuff. Simplicity is on sale, 5 for $5 this weekend. In G'ville anyway. I also got food for my apt.

Speaking of which, I just had one of the best dinners I've had in a long time, with the exception of home cooked meals (cooked by someone other than me). I had salad with a bit of sliced turkey and cheese in it, and for dessert, about half of a small fruit salad from publix.

I no longer crave the fruit popsicles in my freezer. I wasn't hungry after the salad, but I craved sweetness/fruit. And in that little bit of fruit, I was satisfied! yay! I would so give up chocolate if I could have an unending supply of fresh fruit.

It was nice spending the time with mum today. It still suprises me sometimes how nice it can be to spend time with her given how much we used to fight. Yay! Who says mommies can't be friends?

Actually, I was thinking. When kids are young, it's difficult for a parent to be parent and friend to a child. However as the child grows into a young adult and becomes more independent, it becomes easier to be both, so long as the parent side is still around when needed for parenting and advice and guidance that a friend couldn't provide. Much like when children are young, the world can be seen in black and white. Good or bad. Yes or no. And as they get older, those lines blur until everything is in shades of grey.

I guess alot of lines blur as you get older.

*Sigh* I just got really tired, and semi-depressed feeling. Though not. I think. I should run through my song once, and crash. I have to be on my way to SFCC in 8 hours. Latah all!

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Audition at UF. Done, thank goodness.

Auditions...Well, they could have been worse. Could have been better too, but hey, I'm not perfect!

I sang my song, and from the first note I was off key. Embarrasing, but oh well. I finished the song, and a beat later started my monologue. Which went much better. I actually got great reaction from them, which was nice since we'd been warned that they were a cold audience and wouldn't react much.

Well, I'm really tired, so I'm gonna crash. More later. Ciao!

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So in my first class, isis said we were meeting in one place a couple days ago, but last night said another. So half the class was at the most recent place. One of my friends who went to the other location called after class. The teach went to the other class. *Sigh* I'll catch up Friday.

History should be decent. And Intro to theatre, we'll see.

Work was...there. Both jobs. And I'm apparently going to take a song to auditions tomorrow as well as a monologue. Crap. I'm so nervous. I have NO confidence in my voice. I would hate myself if I backed out now. But I'm really scared. I f-in hate auditions. They scare me so much. Go ahead an laugh at this next statement, but I am actually pretty shy. I know. No one believes me. But I promise, I am. *Sigh*

Well, I'm gonna crash. Latah!


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I'm wearing earplugs. The kind you roll between your fingers, put in your ear, and they expand to fit. And I can STILL hear the goddamn party next door.

Why can't they party the weekend before school starts, rather than the night before? I would like to sleep, since I work both jobs AFTER classes tomorrow, but the stupid neighbors have to have a damn party. SOME of us have class in the morning.

I wonder what would happen if I ran out brandishing a couple swords.

*Sigh* I won't. I won't. I would like something to throw at them though. Maybe the condom I got in a freebie pack today. I certainly have no use for it. The chapstick and shampoo that came with it, sure, but the condom, no.

Are those things really good for two years? It says it expires 7/2008. Lol. Maybe by then I will have a use for it. :-P

I just remembered, I have tea in the microwave. Maybe that will help me fall asleep through their noise.

What was the number for non-emergencis, but for things like noisy neighbors? I think purljamber gave it to me once. I will use it if they pull this when I have an exam, a show, or an audition the next day. (Can we see where my priorities lie?)

Off to drink my tea...

Wow...Just wow...

So the show has been nicknamed: Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead, AKA-The Corruption of Ever.

Yeah. I learned new terms for stuff during sex and positions or combinations or whatever. In combinations of crude and discreet descriptions. Man. I really am the baby of the cast.

So mum was helping me work on a monologue, and got a call from her boss. B/c she wouldn't have been able to breathe with stuff going on at work, she got the day off! Yay! We went shopping and got stuff for my kitchen to replace the grody old wood counter top (EW!), so now I just have to saw out the wood one and stick my new stuff in. Yay!

At BHS I chilled with Thomas in the class I'll be teaching periodically, and then when mum was on her way, Ted said I had the next class. I assigned one scene, then had to go, 'cause mom got there to pick me up. I should be teaching some pantomime next week. Heaven help me. I can't do pantomime. Mum gave me some ideas of games to do with them though. So we'll see.

Then work, then rehearsal, which you've heard about. I haven't really flirted much in over a year, and I need to channel the part of me that was a huge flirt a couple years ago. I so failed at that tonight. Damn it. I have to work on alot for this show. I like having to work at it. I really do.

Oh, just b/c I feel like it, here's my class schedule:

9:35-10:25 DAN2100 Dance appreciation of the 21st century
10:40-11:30 AMH2010 United States History to 1877
1:55-2:45 THE2020 Intro to Theatre for Majors (I was supposed to have it last fall, but stuff got messed up)

10:40-11:30 TPA2232C Beginning Costume

9:35-10:25 DAN2100 Dance appreciation of the 21st century
10:40-11:30 AMH2010 United States History to 1877
1:55-2:45 THE2020 Intro to Theatre for Majors

10:40-11:30 TPA2232C Beginning Costume
11:45-1:40 TPA2120C Beginning Makeup
1:55-4:55 TPA2232C Beginning Costume

9:35-10:25 DAN2100 Dance appreciation of the 21st century
10:40-11:30 AMH2010 United States History to 1877
1:55-2:45 THE2020 Intro to Theatre for Majors


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Lit one of my farts on fire

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Lost a bet to my imaginary friend

Gotten revenge

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Today I woke up right past 11 to find that kidworks called and needed me in early since someone's daughter is sick.

Went in early. LOOOOONG day.

Gave Jon the rest of the crap for the drum set.

I hate politics. Why don't I have an easy out clause

I need sleep.

Tomorrow's gonna hurt.
No coffee?!

(no subject)

Ugh. Woke up this morning and felt like crap. Sick crap. I spent 30 minutes debating whether or not to go to class. Just sitting on my bed, trying to wake up, debating it.

I opted to go. Afraid to miss anything. I figured it COULD be sleep dep sick feeling rather than "Gah! I'm sick!" feeling. And since it was my choice to go in to help at kidworks early and stay late at the Hut, I figured it would serve me right to go to class feeling poorly if it was just sleep dep.

It wasn't. I'm pretty sure I'm sick, so it's good that I've been paranoid about washing my hands and stuff to make sure I don't get the kids sick.

And at class my ankle started hurting even though I was being careful and not doing certain things I knew would hurt it. Which meant I couldn't do the choreography at the end of class. *Sigh* And I really wanted to be doing it. I hate being left out of things, and it twas stuff that looked really fun.

Oh, and I overdrew my bank account for the first time since I was 16. So it's been somewhere between 2 and 3 years. I was so proud that I hadn't overdrawn since then too. And I overdrew by less than a dollar. Because I guess one of my gas stops hadn't gone through when I last checked my balance online. Which is odd.

So thank you mommy for not being mad at me, and for letting me use some money from the joint acct. for gas. *Sigh* She raised a self-scolding child though. I'm getting so upset at myself for this crap. UGH!

I feel like I'm going to die. So tired, but I know I have 2-6:30 ahead of me of work with preschoolers. And then I'm meeting with Mike and Callie. And then if the meeting is over by the time mum leaves work (I hope so) I'm gonna spend some time with mum and she'll see if she can help my damn ankle.

I may sleep through my class tomorrow. My teacher said tomorrow would be the best day to miss, and it would take a miracle to make me feel better by tomorrow given that I have to work today.

I should start my paper soon for that class so I don't have to panic at the last minute about it...Maybe tomorrow evening. I don't think I'm doing anything after work tomorrow.

Well, I'm gonna finish filling out my direct deposit form and get ready to go to work. *Le sigh*

At least I got to see Papa Turtle since I'm at Coffee Culture. Though he left for lunch. But not before making me a delicious Mocha Way, frozen of course. It's delicious. So is the Toffee Hazel. And yes, this is probably a shameless Coffee Culture plug. It's good!!

Later all. *Clunk*

*Stabby death.*

So now I'm all showered from having been cleaning past midnight. Ugh, chemicals.

"Good! Ever's cleaning her house!" you might say.

Nope. I stayed late at Pizza Hut helping clean because the health inspector's coming tomorrow.

Let me begin with this morning...

I finished the paper. This morning. Then drove into G'ville after finishing some dishes from the weekend. As I was almost home (and running closer to late than I liked) I got a call from kidworks. Jodi, the other teacher for my class, had to stay home with her sick daughter. So they wanted me to come in early. I explained that I had a class, but I'd come in ASAP after the class.

Oh, by the way. Between slippery grass and hefting furniture, I managed to hurt my ankle, and so the ballet hurt today.

Then I rushed to work. Worked 11:30-6:30. Then Pizza hut from 7-just past midnight (scheduled only 'til 11).

Ugh. I think I may talk to Merideth in the morning and try to do the excercises, but get permission to sit out if any hurt my ankle too much. Though I'd rather stay home sleeping. I really want to, but I'm afraid of what I might miss. Especially since we need to work out meeting within our final project group...

Grah. I'm gonna regret having made this entry instead of going straight to sleep. But oh well. G'night all!